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Feminine Hygiene Products

Do you find that monthly hygiene products intensify your bladder symptoms? Do you find that you cannot use products internally and that common pads are irritating to skin that is already overly sensitive?

You probably would benefit from using an all organic product that isn't processed with chlorine or maybe even a cotton pad that is washable and reusable. Not only are these products good for your body, they are good for the environment!



Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Maxi Pads (various options)

Introducing Seventh Generation chlorine free pads and pantiliners. We've developed our new pads to give women safe, reliable, comfortable period protection. They're available in a full range of ultra thin regular to maxi overnight, most with wings for best fit. And we use an all natural absorbent gel in the pads to prevent leaks and lock wetness inside. (Hint: To view all options, use link below, then put "Seventh Generation Feminine Hygiene" in Amazon's search engine.)

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tracare Feminine Natural Feminine Pads (various options)

Finally, a feminine care product that's safe, comfortable and reliable. Natracare press-on pads contain 100 percent non-chlorine bleached fluff pulp, no optical whiteners or perfumes and are boxed in recycled cardboard. Oxygen bleached cotton is both better for your body and the environment.

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ad Rags Reusable Menstrual Pads (various options)

Our organic pads are made of premium quality cotton flannel and terry cloth, offering you even more comfort and protection. Lasting 5+ years, GladRags are easy on the pocket book, while also using minimal resources. GladRags holders are made out of cotton flannel fitted with a snap and �envelope� for the inserts. GladRags inserts consist of super absorbent terry cloth and flannel.

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Care Organic Tampons

Although some bladder patients cannot use tampons at all, many can use organic tampons without chlorine, deodorants come with or without applicators. Hint: if you find that you can use NatraCare or other organic tampons, buy them in large quantities to save yourself the extra shipping!

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di Heat Stick-on Pads (product varies per merchant)

These heating pads that last for 12 hours, are light and adhere to the outside of your undergarment. Why is this useful for an IC patient? These pads are perfect for situations where you don't have access to electricity or power. You can wear them all day at work with no cords attached. They are perfect for car rides, plane flights or even a trip around town. It is odorless and non-toxic.

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Feminal Female Urinal

This inexpensive unit allows a woman to urinate in reclined, seated or standing position. Easy-to-hold handles ensure a leak-proof seal when Feminal is pressed against the body. 1000cc capacity. Top quality. Latex free.

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