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Julie Beyer, MA, RD



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  Romans 8:28


One of the most common questions I am asked by bladder patients is, "What can I drink?"  Most IC and OAB patients know they should all avoid anything with caffeine.  Trust me, it makes a difference. If you are having trouble getting off of your daily caffeine, start slowly by alternating your caffeinated beverage with water. After a few days, have two glasses of water between each caffeinated beverage. Eventually, you will be able to avoid caffeine entirely.

Thankfully, there is a wide variety of coffee substitutes and teas. Just be sure to read the labels. Some herbal teas, even if they are labeled caffeine-free, may also contain black or green tea which naturally, you should avoid.

Other options for drinks include dairy products, almond milk, pear juice, blueberry juice, and even low-acid orange juice. Again, listen to your body. If you seem to have an increase in symptoms, put the offending beverage on your list to try again at a later date. Many bladder patients find that, over time, they can add more variety to their limited selection of beverages.



Beverages to Try

Euromild Decaf Low-Acid Coffee

100% Naturally Reduced Acid Coffee - noticeably gentler and milder, lacking the harshness and bitternesss of other unrefined coffees - it may be the best coffee you have ever tasted. It's not bitter!


Puroast French Roast Decaf Low-Acid Coffee

Puroast Low Acid Coffee's breakthrough process produces a great gourmet coffee with less than half of the acid.

So, if bladder problems have caused you to reduce or stop drinking coffee, now you have a real coffee choice with Puroast Low Acid Coffee.


Teeccino Herbal Coffees

Teeccino herbal coffees come in a variety of flavors. Try Hazelnut, Vanilla, or Java. Not a true coffee, Teeccino herbal blends can satisfy a person's desire for a hot beverage.

Cafix Herbal Coffee

Rich, all natural and 100% caffeine free! Its everything you'd like an instant hot drink to be. Cafix gets its rich flavor from a healthful blend of all natural ingredients, nothing artificial. Product of Switzerland.


Pero Coffee Substitute

Looking for a natural alternative to coffee and tea? Your search is over. PERO is a 100% natural beverage with a coffee like taste. It's 100% naturally caffeine free and blended from select all-natural ingredients--malted barley, chicory, and rye.


Twinings Camomile Tea

Pure camomile with a light clean flavor. Naturally caffeine free.  One of the most widely used herbs in the world today, camomile was first discovered by the Egyptians who dedicated it to their gods for its many useful properties.

Torani White Chocolate Syrup

One of Julie's favorite items!  Great to use in white hot chocolate, white chocolate milkshakes, and over vanilla ice cream. All natural ingredients and great Torani flavor.

Torani Caramel Syrup

Another great Torani syrup. Great in hot milk, milkshakes, over ice cream, and in recipes. All natural ingredients. Amazon has various sizes available, but the 64 oz is the best value.

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